Love Letter - Snuffle Mat

RM 86.00

A gift of love and joy for your furry friend. This mat is crafted with love, designed to awaken your pet's natural instincts - foraging. The soft yet durable material and hidden pockets are perfect for hiding treats, stimulating their sense of smell and satisfying their hunger for play.

With every sniff and nuzzle, your pet will be transported to a world of adventure and excitement.

So let us embark on this journey of discovery together, and watch as your pet's eyes light up with excitement and their tail wags with joy.

Please note it is your responsibility to determine what is appropriate for your pet(s). Taming Wild cannot be responsible for any injury caused directly or indirectly by our products. Taming Wild uses only high-quality fabric/materials and each item is individually inspected prior to shipping.

 All items are designed for normal wear and tear.

All sales are final. we do not accept returns but will gladly make an exchange if the mistake is ours.

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